Mark Camera-timestamp watermark camera

By spspspyyy

Mark Camera-timestamp watermark cameraMark Camera-timestamp watermark cameraMark Camera-timestamp watermark cameraMark Camera-timestamp watermark cameraMark Camera-timestamp watermark camera

Check-in camera watermark digicam used by tens of millions of property and engineering groups.

The real time and place cannot be tampered with! Take pictures, take videos and add watermarks. It is a essential camera software for work recording and taking photos.

scenes to be used:

Photographs for engineering data, time attendance, time card, field journeys, work records, law enforcement work.

Applicable teams:

Property personnel, safety, cleansing, engineering and development personnel, communication upkeep personnel, crowdsourcing personnel, supply riders, regulation enforcement personnel, sales, logistics personnel, equipment repairs, catering attendants, environmental sanitation personnel, and more!

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