Project V4

By NEXON Company

Project V4Project V4Project V4Project V4Project V4

Complete a massive field battle over the server!

Netgames' third masterpiece, MMORPG, V4 Grand Opening on November 7th!

The true field center that everyone's been waiting for. We invite you to the world of MMORPG.

▶ Pre-registration Benefits ◀

■ Google Play Pre-registration Benefits

-Pre-registration Supply Box (100,000 Gold Beginner's 10 Enhancement Order Boxes)

■ V4 Official Site Pre-Registration Benefits

-Evelynn's Pre-Registration Gift Box (150,000 Gold 3 Relocation Orders 10 Buff Order Boxes)

Go to V4 Pre-registration ☞☞

■ Benefits of joining V4 Official Cafe

-Official Cafe Gift Box ( Limited Edition Ride "V-Pong" 1 Lesser Potion Box)

Go to join V4 Official Cafe ☞☞

▶ Game Introduction ◀

■ Massive collaboration and competition beyond servers, interservers

Servers gather in one place for massive strategic battles.

Enjoy unprecedented massive combat on an interserver with no server boundaries!


We're waiting for the 300-person pincers you've never experienced before.

Give a victory in a massive raid at the level of PC MMORPGs!

■ Unique 6 Classes with Combat Mechanisms

A unique class of skill system that can operate in a variety of ways

Experience unprecedented action and dealing with three-dimensional combat!

■ A true supporter and fellow system for me.

I will carry out a variety of activities for fast growth next to the player.

More progress regardless of time and place. Enjoy the fast growing experience!

▶ The fastest way to find news about V4! ◀

V4 Official P:

V4 Official Facebook:

V4 Official YouTube: https

■ Smartphone app access permission guide

When using the app, request access permission to provide the following services Doing.

[Required Access]

Camera: Take the necessary data to contact the customer center

Photo: Register a screenshot in the customer center

[How to revoke permission]

▶ Android 6.0 or later: Select app permissions item Select permission list or select permission to revoke

▶ Under Android 6.0: Upgrade the operating system to Withdraw or delete the app

※ The app may not offer an individual consent feature and you may revoke access in the above manner.


Contact Developer:


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