Funfair Ride Simulator 4

By Pixelsplit

Funfair Ride Simulator 4Funfair Ride Simulator 4Funfair Ride Simulator 4Funfair Ride Simulator 4Funfair Ride Simulator 4


Have you ever had the opportunity to design and control your own amusement ride at the fair?

Now you can experience this with the all new Funfair Ride Simulator 4. Design, control, and ride more than 15 unique attractions (4 included in the base app)! With physics, detailed graphics, fog, lasers and other light effects on a simulated fairground.

Take a seat in one of the gondolas and experience your very own ride at some of the most breathtaking rides that can be found on the fairgrounds around the world. Or sit in the operator booth and watch how visitors buy tickets, seat in your ride and have fun.


You can change the color of every component of your ride and choose additional decoration - it’s all in your hands!


Operate your own ride! Control the speed, lighting, sound effects, and much more. Add some fog or play a typical fairground jingle!


Take a seat in your own ride, buckle up, hold on tight and enjoy together with your virtual visitors the ride!


Experience a unique and authentic atmosphere created by the crowded fairground, changing light, fog, sound effects and the smell of fresh popcorn! (Sorry, there is no device for that feature out yet :wink: )


• Control the most fascinating rides that can be found on the fairgrounds around the world

• Design your rides - color almost every part and choose a theming

• Comprehensive simulated fairground

• 4 awesome thrillrides are included

• Interacting and reacting people

• Your own virtual staff which handles the visitors

• Realistic physics

• Playable Jingles

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