Mark Camera - Timestamp Camera - Watermark

By MarkCamera Team

Mark Camera - Timestamp Camera - WatermarkMark Camera - Timestamp Camera - WatermarkMark Camera - Timestamp Camera - WatermarkMark Camera - Timestamp Camera - Watermark

Today's watermark cameras can directly add marks when taking pictures and movies.

1. Rich watermark templates. It is appropriate for taking pictures at work, checking in group attendance, engineering administration, field work, complete law enforcement, taking evidence, taking photographs on journey, taking photographs for child progress, accumulating proof on the scene of site visitors accidents, retaining proof for driving, and taking photos for homework.

2. You can immediately get the time, location, climate, altitude, wind pace, humidity, latitude and longitude, azimuth, countdown, lunar calendar, constellation, age, festivals, and so on.

3. Accurate and quick positioning. Using Google map positioning service might help you achieve precise and fast positioning in any scene.

4. Convenient puzzle perform, the puzzle operate provides 3:4, 9:16, single-row, double-row, three-row and different puzzle modes.

5. Convenient sharing function, you can share pictures to different third-party apps conveniently and quickly.

6. Start the camera immediately, take pictures shortly and add watermark.

7. Problem suggestions email handle: [email protected]

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