Magnifier Premium - No Ads - Magnifying Glass

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Magnifier Premium - No Ads - Magnifying GlassMagnifier Premium - No Ads - Magnifying GlassMagnifier Premium - No Ads - Magnifying GlassMagnifier Premium - No Ads - Magnifying GlassMagnifier Premium - No Ads - Magnifying Glass

Magnifier PRO PREMIUM - NO ADS is the Ultimate and most complete magnifier glass digital . It also works as magnifying app with light since it converts your Phone's into a Flashlight. You can now enjoy a magnifier glass no ads! have you seen a better Magnifier app? i bet this is the best Magnifying Glass you've seen!

use a magnifying glass app and read all those small letters, use it to read clear text and focus object and enlarge. you can do as well camera shooting close-ups since the Magnifier Supports Freeze option. Magnifier PRO PREMIUM - NO ADS its a Ad-Free version. built-in flashlight included.


- Camera zoom,

- autofocus,

- LED flash

- Magnifier Glass No Ads

- Reading Glasses

- Magnifying Glass with Zoom out/in with volume up/down

- Magnify more than other apps

- Magnify Zoom from 1.0X – 5.0X.

Use as:

- Restaurant Menu Reader

- Medicine Bottles/Prescription Bottle Reader

- Serial Numbers reader


Image quality and zoom options depends on each smartphone's camera. We Recommend to use the app with cameras higher than 8 MP

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