Killer Sudoku

By sutts101

Killer SudokuKiller SudokuKiller SudokuKiller SudokuKiller Sudoku

The king of sudokus, excellent for brain training!

Killer Sudoku (aka Sumdoku / Mathdoku) is a Sudoku variant where cells are grouped into cages and the sums of the values in each cage are given. Once you realize Killer, you'll by no means return to Classic again...

The app consists of plenty of cute little 4x4 and 6x6 puzzles, excellent for newbies, with contextual hints that can help you be taught Killer methods interactively. From there you graduate to 23 ranges of chunky 8x8 and full-size 9x9 puzzles, assured to stretch any mind. Are you one of the very few who can conquer 9x9 degree 15

The app has everything you would want for: gazillions of puzzles in any respect sizes and levels, automatic notes, drag copy repeat entries, sum calculator, cage summer season, progress validator, and hints.

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