Display Tester

By Braintrapp

Display TesterDisplay TesterDisplay TesterDisplay TesterDisplay Tester

DisplayTester makes it possible to test almost every aspect of your device's LCD/OLED screen. Using Google Cast it is possible to test the display quality of your TV. It is designed to allow full screen testing also on devices with soft keys (hiding the soft keys in ICS and later, immersive mode in KitKat and later).


-= Free features =-

◆ Dead pixel test: detect "dead pixels" by displaying a series of solid background color pages

◆ Color tests: contrast, gradient (banding) and saturation tests

◆ Gamma calibration tests (grey/red/green/blue)

◆ Viewing angle tests (This is useless for OLED displays)

◆ Wide gamut color test

◆ Multi-touch test

◆ Display performance tests

◆ Repair burn in - scrolling black white bars

◆ Display measures info: screen size, GPU type, dpi, density-independent pixel size, OpenGL 1.x info, pixel format

◆ Real world pictures for reference and comparison

◆ 4-color gradient test with orientation change correction (Android 2.2 and higher)

◆ Pixel format dithering tests

◆ Built-in font styles test

◆ Manually DPI measurement

◆ Color charts

◆ Touch screen dead spot tester

◆ System Fonts tester

◆ DIP / PX calculator

-= Pro features =-

◆ Full Google Cast support

◆ Repair burn in - noise (white, bw, red, green, blue)

-= Soft key hiding in ICS/Honeycomb/JellyBean =-

Use the preferences menu option for this or simply long touch the display during a test is running.

-= Gestures =-

◆ Slide left-right: change test image

◆ Slide up-down: change brightness

◆ Long touch: switch between full screen and normal screen (Android 3.0 and higher)

◆ Double tap: hide or show the test specific settings dialogue (if available)

When the soft keys are hidden it is not easy to advance to the next screen: First tap to make the buttons appear, then a quick swipe for the next screen before the buttons are hidden again.


Please consider purchasing the Pro version to support further development.

If you are having a problem or you have a suggestion about a missing feature, the ONLY way it will get done is if you email me! :)

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