Crying Suns

By Humble Games

Crying SunsCrying SunsCrying SunsCrying SunsCrying Suns

When FTL meets Foundation and Dune: Crying Suns is a tactical rogue-lite that puts you within the role of a space fleet commander as you explore a mysteriously fallen empire. In this story wealthy expertise inspired by Dune and Foundation, each successful run will uncover the reality in regards to the Empire... and yourself as properly.

Main Features:

- Space exploration in a procedurally-generated universe

- Tactical fights between battleships and their squadron fleets

- More than 300 potential story events

- A deep and dramatic storyline structured in 6 chapters

- A dark and disturbing ambiance inspired by our favourite S-F universes (Foundation, Dune, Battlestar Galactica)

First launched on PC and Mac, the indie hit Crying Suns was fastidiously redesigned for cellular and tablets, including a revamped interface and intuitive touchscreen interactions.

Pay as soon as to get the full Crying Suns experience! No ads, no F2P mechanics! All future updates included.

Supported languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese

Requirements: Devices with good gaming GPU are recommended to play Crying Suns (Adreno 530 or Mali T760 MP8 minimum)

If you encounter any problem, please contact us at [email protected] with as a lot information as attainable on the difficulty.

A recreation by Alt Shift.

Published by Humble Games.

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