Crossy Cat

By havana24

Crossy CatCrossy CatCrossy CatCrossy CatCrossy Cat

Help the Crossy Cat to cross the river and fight bosses along the road!

Collect fishes in order to get more skins and hats through the random slotmachines!

Challenge tons of of players online with leaderboards that shall be refreshed every 5 minutes and try to get medals!

The recreation works each, online and offline.

Crossy Cat includes:

- 20 unlockable Skins, including Dogs, Pigs, Elephants, Nyan Cat and other type of animals!

- 20 unlockable Hats: let your Cat wears a Sombrero!

- 60 collectable objects.

- 4 kinds of Bosses along the road.

- 5 types of Medals (if you play online): Golden, Silver, Bronze, Top 10 and Top 30.

- 3 kinds of fishes: Orange fish ( 3 score), Red fish ( 10 score) and Skeleton fish (-3 score).

- Plenty of obstacles, like bombs, circle saws and spikes!

- Languages out there: English, Portoguese, Spanish, Russian, Turkish and Italian.

Tired of crossing the road?

Cross the river! Crossy Cat!

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