Amani Thafseer 2.0

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Amani Thafseer 2.0Amani Thafseer 2.0Amani Thafseer 2.0Amani Thafseer 2.0Amani Thafseer 2.0

AmaniThafseer : Android App for the web site – Thafseer website primarily based on probably the most renowned Quran Commentary in the Malayalam language.

تفسير القرآن الكريم في اللغة المليبارية

Amani Thafseer – a Translation and commentary of Holy Qur’an following the custom of السلف الصالح - the righteous predecessors, by respected students Mohamed Amani Moulavi, A. Alavi Moulavi PK Mousa Moulavi (رحمهم الله) and revealed by Kerala Nadwathul Mujahideen since the year 1964.

Main Features:

- Works Offline

- Translation

- Word meaning

- Thafseer

- Show or Hide option

More Features:

Quick Jump to Ayah

Quick Jump to Ruku (Section)

Intuitive Navigation through Surah Name Juz' Number

Save Unlimited Bookmarks

Verse by verse copying

Verse by verse sharing

Access to the fairly useful ‘Mukhavura’ of the printed edition

Font size Adjustments

Dark theme

الْحَمْـدُ للهِ الَّذي بِنِـعْمَتِهِ تَتِـمُّ الصّـالِحات

Alhamdulilah, by the Grace of Almighty Allaah alone, we now have revealed this app at no cost; seeking the pleasure of Almighty Allah alone seeking reward from none aside from Him. We pray that Almighty Allah may accept our small effort, forgive our shortcomings whereas creating this app and make this app helpful for all Muslim Ummah. Aameen

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