1-19 Number Game

By Peter Avra

1-19 Number Game1-19 Number Game1-19 Number Game1-19 Number Game1-19 Number Game

The game that everyone is aware of from childhood, which is thought under completely different names - Seeds, Numberzilla, Numbers Numberama, Take Ten, Collect ten, Fortune-telling , Columns, 1-19. Different names, however the precept is identical, you possibly can cross out all the numbers on the sphere, with very simple guidelines, you presumably can cross out only in pairs and only those numbers which would possibly be the identical or add as a lot as 10, and are situated to one another or through the already crossed out numbers vertically and horizontals. Previously, it solely required a sheet of paper and a pencil, but now this sport is out there for Android.

This sport is suitable for adults and kids who love quite a lot of puzzles and suppose. And also it develops attention, logical pondering, creativity. A good alternative to Sudoku.

Features and Benefits:

- small size

- friendly interface

- 6 types of games

- adaptive top and backside row

- detailed statistics for each game

- autosave

- saving on the initiative of the user and continuing to any moment

- instruction

- darkish and lightweight color theme

- tips

- the flexibility to undo the last steps

- no intrusive ads

- completely free