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By insomnia

Wifi JumperWifi JumperWifi JumperWifi Jumper


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With the Wifijumper you are always connected to the strongest available WIFI network.

Overview of Wifijumper's capabilities:

- Scans automatically and connects to the strongest network available (scan interval configurable)

- Unknown but open networks can be considered (configurable)

- Status indicator by icon in status bar

- Automatic start after device restart (configurable)

- Wifi zones can be set up which completely switch off the Wifi module of the device when the respective zone is left. Wifi zones can be viewed on a map.

- Slim operation. Everything important at a glance

- Multilingual (German, English)

Known Limitations:

- Starting with Android 8 (Oreo) Wifijumper has to run as a foreground service, otherwise it will be terminated after a few minutes (power-saving function).

- no support for Custom Roms !!!


The Wifi Jumper automatically connects the device to the strongest available and known WiFi network. Even unknown but unsecured (open) networks are supported automatically on request.

In addition, the control of the wifi functionality can be automated based on the local radio cells (transmission towers). Outside such a defined Wifi zone, the Wifi module is automatically deactivated, within activated. Thus, the power consumption of the device is possibly reduced and the battery life extended.

Additional radio cells of an area are added automatically as long as the Wifi is still connected. This eliminates the manual maintenance of the Wifi zones.

The following permissions are required (why?):


(The location service has been required since Android version 6 (Marshmallow) to detect available wifi networks)

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