VBE EMF X 2020 Ghost Hunting Application


VBE EMF X 2020 Ghost Hunting ApplicationVBE EMF X 2020 Ghost Hunting ApplicationVBE EMF X 2020 Ghost Hunting ApplicationVBE EMF X 2020 Ghost Hunting ApplicationVBE EMF X 2020 Ghost Hunting Application

Our new way of Detecting Paranormal EMF, blows the competition out of the Water. This is not just another EMF Meter. There is plenty of FREE EMF Meters at the Google Play Store, that are not for Paranormal Investigations.

This application not only Filters out False EMF from Electrical Outlets, Pipes and such. It also allows you to Filter out more if needed or Adjust for the most Precise Stationary Investigation Possible with a phone.

This new app allows for you to use your Device at any angle to detect a spirit and does not go off while walking with the built in Filter Feature. You can now walk, run, jump, hang upside down from a tree like a monkey and not read False Negatives.

This application also has Multi Language Support and User Calibration Save Settings ( AUTOMATIC ). This will allow us as a World of Paranormal Investigators to share our Evidence with ease.

Languages Currently Installed and Automatically Detected:

Chinese ZH

English EN

Hindi HI

Spanish ES

Arabic AR

Malay MS

Russian RU

Bengali, Bangla BN

Portuguese PT

French FR

Stay tuned for More and Thank you, for your support.

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