My BMI: Ideal Weight and BMI Calculator

By splashapps

My BMI: Ideal Weight and BMI CalculatorMy BMI: Ideal Weight and BMI CalculatorMy BMI: Ideal Weight and BMI CalculatorMy BMI: Ideal Weight and BMI CalculatorMy BMI: Ideal Weight and BMI Calculator

With this app you can calculate your Body Mass Index in a simple way to track your weight. The BMI calculator is ideal to lose weight because thanks to the history that incorporates you can make an exhaustive monitoring of your progress and evolution.

What is this app for?

- Know your BMI result

- Discover what your ideal weight is

- Find out in which health category you are

- Save your data and evolution in a history

- Have a reference to lose weight

- Lose weight and approach your ideal weight

- Share and exchange results with friends

To maintain a healthy life is to approach the best version of yourself; that's why we have developed an app that lets you know your ideal weight and helps you lose weight through your history. The Body Mass Index is a reference data to know your health status. Thanks to the BMI Calculator you will improve your fitness. In addition, this app is available in English and 6 other languages and offers the possibility of using both the international metric system (kilograms and centimeters) and the imperial system (pounds and feet).

The BMI is endorsed by the WHO (World Health Organization) and uses a mathematical formula to calculate your fitness. The ratio between your weight and height determines which of the following categories you are in:

- Underweight (mild, moderate or severe)

- Normal weight

- Overweight

- Obesity (grade I, II or III)

It is important to fight against overweight and obesity since these can be the cause of serious cardiovascular diseases. With this BMI app you will get slim and you can avoid heart disease, diabetes or hypertension among others.

We have worked hard to create this app and we hope it will be useful for you. If it has helped you, we would appreciate very much if you rate our app with 5 stars.

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