Magical Cannon Wars 2


Magical Cannon Wars 2Magical Cannon Wars 2Magical Cannon Wars 2Magical Cannon Wars 2Magical Cannon Wars 2

Is a vertical scrolling action shooter game that combines orthodox character and story elements Magical Girl.

Please exhilaration crunching defeat the enemy, the hot battle!

From "War cannon" Magic previous work, we have further power-up of games, graphics, music, scenario, at all! !

Vertical-scrolling shooter orthodox type.

· We Magical Girl Moe cute character.

Beautiful graphics.

Conversation with the girl character scene, story configuration.

· We enemy character come a variety of magic attacks.

Configuration and a variety of stage magic space.

Power-up, a powerful attack magic weapons and take the item.

· VeryHard difficulty from Easy.

-Touch screen operation.

Shooting orthodox type crunching defeat the enemy.

• In "Shooting barrage" is not.

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