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The LARA Dio application is designed to control a LARA device which stands out for its size and features.

LARA is primarily a phenomenal player, Internet radio allows you to listen to any station in the world, in addition it plays without the annoying rattling of classic FM tuners. Thanks to the implementation and design of the switch is also possible not only to use LARA in every room in the house (children’s living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms) but also in waiting rooms, wellness and other areas.

Using LARA Dio, you can control all your LARAs from a single driver (i.e. smartphone with Android), and the maximum number of controlled devices is unlimited.

The application control is very intuitive and it is very easy to store your own favourite stations, which remain available at all times.

LARAs’ uniqueness lies in the technical implementation. LARA is equipped directly with an integrated amplifier with an output of 2x10W / 8Ω and offers an excellent solution combined with simple installation. You can enjoy listening to music, whilst you can choose from a variety of speakers. LARA also offers the ability to connect an external amplifier via line output.

LARA Radio equipment can be purchased directly from the manufacturer at the following link, where you can choose from a wide variety of colours and cover frames.

Higher specification versions of LARA Intercom or LARA Radio are also equipped with the possibility to communication with the door - voice communication and reception of camera images. LARA Intercom also allows communication between multiple devices, which thus serves as a home intercom.

The functions mentioned are possible to use separately, by buying the LARA Radio or LARA Intercom devices, but also used in the framework of a complete system for the iNELS smart home.

For the correct selection, including all accessories we will be happy to assist you, free phone 420 800 100 671, via the chat window on the web or support contacts ELKO EP on the link

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