iNELS Home Control IR Mobile

By ELKO EP, s.r.o.

iNELS Home Control IR MobileiNELS Home Control IR MobileiNELS Home Control IR MobileiNELS Home Control IR MobileiNELS Home Control IR Mobile

Application iHC-MAIR universal controller for all Audio Video appliances (and air-conditioners / HVAC units)

The intuitive application environment makes it simple for anyone to control. The application connects via smart phone with the smart IR box (link), which further communicates with AV appliances using an IR code.

It controls your home theater, TV, DVD or Blue Ray player, Amplifier, Set top box, Satellite receiver, Air-conditioning and more.

It can control up to 100 arbitrary commands with various controllers that you normally have at home. The scenes function, where by a single command you perform multiple functions simultaneously (e.g. you are heading to bed and switch off all AV appliances in the entire home with a single command).

You can integrate any number of IR boxes into a single application, i.e. in a single application, you have control over the living room, children's rooms and others...You can also remotely control your home from anywhere using your home Wi-Fi network (e.g. from work or vacation). Thanks to auto-IP acquisition from the DHCP server, you need not set up a network (if you have no set fixed IP address). Option of connecting three sensors (to the smart IR box) for three directions of control.

Type for control:

Are you coming home from work or vacation and you want to come home to just the right temperature? This very application in combination with a smart IR box will let you do it.


eLAN FW 1.8.003 version:

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