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Welcome to Fozi, Mozi and Tutti’s app

This app is cleverly designed for both parents and kids, it helps parents manage various daily life situations with their children, and the app entertains the kids through a playful experience by talking to their favourite characters via a pre-recorded conversations.

How does it work?

The gaming app is using an intelligent voice recognition technology which gives the experience of a phone conversation. When your kid uses the app he or she will receive a fake phone call from one of their character of choice: Fozi, Mozi, Tutti, Mandolin or Tita Foziya, in their real voice as if they are speaking to them on the phone.

The app can adapt recognise when your kid speaks and responds accordingly.

The app isn't for pranking, it is designed to be entertaining.

The app DOES NOT work like a phone.

How does the app entertain your children?

Your kids will have fun speaking to all of their favorite characters: Fozi, Mozi, Tutti, Manadlina or Tita Foziya.

We designed the conversations to be playful and entertaining, but also educational!

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