ZIO and the Magic Scrolls

By Super Planet

ZIO and the Magic ScrollsZIO and the Magic ScrollsZIO and the Magic ScrollsZIO and the Magic ScrollsZIO and the Magic Scrolls

Magic have to be for humans!

Magic Scrolls that allows even ordinary people to make use of magic!

With only the magic scrolls created by Zio, you too can turn into the world's strongest wizard!


The warfare between Mages and Warlocks over the wizarding land 'Aerok'...

'Zio' succeeds in sealing the strongest warlock, but

He loses most of his magic energy, leaving only the power to craft magic scrolls.

The peace is short-lived as those that want to resurrect the warlock seem.

Gods, demons, and even dragons start to intervene...


Game Introduction

■ Auto battle sport with 5 heroes and magic scrolls

- Both battle and talent use are automatic! Enjoy this AFK RPG.

- When the battle scenario is unfavorable, activate the magic scrolls! Get the higher hand with some exhilarating special moves!

- Without repeated play, you can acquire AFK rewards.

■ Do some strategic choices, Become a Magic Scroll Master!

- Only 3 magic scrolls can be utilized in battle!

- Collect and enhance 18 magic scrolls with varied talents from magic to black magic!

- You want mana to use magic scrolls, and every magic scroll requires totally different mana.

■ The story of an ordinary however extraordinary ‘Zio’

- Formerly an archmage, now an ordinary scroll merchant! What is Zio's true identity?

- Explore the world map in 4 chapters and 22 episodes and enjoy the vast world view and exciting story.

- Meet the hidden episodes of the heroes with cartoon-like vivid tales.

■ From Archmages to Warlocks and Demons! All heroes have assembled!

- Easier and faster to degree up all heroes! 'Teamwork' and 'Break the restrict'!

- Heroes who do not participate in the battle will acquire additional fight power by registering as a supporter!

- You can get additional abilities by finishing the Hero Collection.

■ If you come to the Kingdom of Aerok, the rewards are abundant and the fun is certain!

- Stop by the scroll store ‘Manadonna’ the place you'll have the ability to craft and improve scrolls.

- In ‘Lucas’ Lab’, you can conduct numerous research that can make you stronger.

- Open a ‘Magic Guild’ with your mates to conduct magic analysis and communicate!

- Many adventures await you, similar to dungeons that change daily, the Mage's Tower where you can test your limits, and the Duel Circle.

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