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Zero Motorcycles Next GenZero Motorcycles Next Gen

The Zero Motorcycles Next Gen App for the 2020 SR/F and SR/S is the essential integration for all of your motorcycle’s performance data, customization, and experience into the palm of your hand. Customize your motorcycle’s performance, assemble your own dashboard, Relive your rides, monitor your bike’s whereabouts and so much more with the Zero Motorcycles Next Gen App.

App Features

Zero’s Next Gen App works with the bike’s dashboard and Cypher III operating systems to create a feature-rich ecosystem:

• Select and Create ride modes

• Personalized dash options

• Scheduled and target-based charging

• Charge-station location assistance

• Extensive notifications, including bike’s state-of-charge (SOC), Time-to-Charge and last-ride statistics.

• Remote query and notification

• Ride data: location, speed, lean angle, power, torque, SoC, energy used/re-generated available for review and sharing

• Remote diagnostics and Cypher III updates

The Connected Bike

Both the SR/F and SR/S are connected through cellular networks, transmitting info to the App at all times. Ride information, current bike status and location are always available. This connectivity gives you the ability to monitor the bike in four (4) main areas: Bike Status Alerts, Charging, Ride Data Sharing, System Upgrades and Updates.

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