Video stamp: GPS, Timestamp, Logo video watermark

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Video stamp: GPS, Timestamp, Logo video watermarkVideo stamp: GPS, Timestamp, Logo video watermarkVideo stamp: GPS, Timestamp, Logo video watermarkVideo stamp: GPS, Timestamp, Logo video watermarkVideo stamp: GPS, Timestamp, Logo video watermark

Make your gallery videos extra attractive by including ‘Date and Timestamp, Signature Stamp (Text on Video), Watermark Logo and GPS Geotag’ using Video Stamper app!

◇ Just a one-time setup is all you have to do and then you can begin video stamping exactly. Simply decide a clip from the ‘Phone Gallery’ and your personalised stamp might be auto-added to it!

Why Choose Us?

✨ Only Video Timestamp app that adds ‘4 Stunning Stamps’ at a time on Gallery Videos.

✨ Designed, Developed and Managed by an enthusiastic team!

✨ An easy-peasy ‘User Interface’ which comforts you to add text on video like a child’s play.

✎ Let’s pendown the key features of this app:

• Add Watermark Logo on video

• Custom or Original possibility for DateTime stamp.

• Watermark dimension ( ) or (--) is adjustable

• Changeable font formats

• Selection of Watermark shade with background relevancy

• Easily ‘Put text on video’ with Signature stamp

• Watermark place is changeable

• Add Location to movies as ‘GPS Geotag Stamp’!

• Preview before finalizing the stamp!

The better part about Video Timestamp app is that it is going to crown all your clips in such a surprising means, that nobody will resist giving them an applause.

How to Make Most of this App?

✹ Date and Time stamp

Lock all your moments with ‘DateTime Stamp’ and make them enduring! Adding an correct time and date to your movies will make you relive all the ‘old is gold’ moments.

➺ Perfectly used for:

Stamping Happy Moments, Evidence Tracking, Event Tracking and more

✹ Signature Stamp

Visuals are the fastest mode to convey a message in a brief span of time. Adding textual content over video as a signature will quickly shape up your clips and design them stunningly.

➺ Best used in:

Promotional Videos, Video Security, To Write Text to Videos, To Create a Cool Signature

✹ GPS Geotagging Stamp

Smack your wanderlust fantasies by auto stamp a ‘Location Tag’ using ‘Video Stamper App’. Simply switch ON your phone’s GPS to fetch your current location and it will be added instantly.

Moreover, you possibly can even add custom tackle stamp on your videos in case your Android handset’s course locator can't attain you.

➺ Beneficial for:

Travel Journals, People Who Love Showcasing Adventures, Business Travellers, Globetrotter

✹ Watermark Logo

It’s an excitingly new feature added in this app identical to a ‘Jewel within the Crown’! If you're looking one thing close to to Auto Stamp app, then you will surely like this utility to add brand to videos stored in your telephone gallery!

Adding a Brand Logo to videos will allow you to to get recognized by individuals. In a cluster of videos from all around the world, yours will turn out to be attractively unique!

➺ Pretty a lot in demand for:

All Youtubers, People who frequently uploads video to Instagram and Facebook, Professional Videographer, Creating Video Label

How to Use?

✌ Download and Open the App.

✌ Click ‘Date Time’ and Select Proper ‘Date Format’.

✌ Click ‘Location’ and Customize the ‘GPS Stamp’.

✌ Click ‘Signature’ and Write Text to Videos.

✌ Click ‘Watermark’ and Upload the Logo!

✌ Choose Appropriate Font SIze/ Font Formats/ Watermark Position/ Stamp Color.

✌ Swipe ‘On/Off’ the Toggle for each Stamp as needed!

That’s it! Now select a Video from ‘Phone Gallery’ and your Personalized Stamp might be added on it! Wasn’t that ‘easy-as-pie’?

★ Ultimately, ‘Video Stamper’ completed all these qualities which makes it the best ‘Video Timestamp App’ out there on the Play Store!

So, with out having a second thought, BANG the ‘Install’ button now and embellish your ‘Video Clips’!

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