V2er - Easy to use V2EX client

By ghui

V2er - Easy to use V2EX clientV2er - Easy to use V2EX clientV2er - Easy to use V2EX clientV2er - Easy to use V2EX clientV2er - Easy to use V2EX client

Simple design, rich features, smooth interaction, and pure background. Every page layout design is carefully thought out so that you can enjoy V2EX better.

[Note on V2er's purchase price: In view of the smallness of V station, V2er has to maintain a higher price, thank you for understanding]

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About V2EX

V2EX is a community of start-ups, designers, developers and creative people.

V2EX is a community of creative workers. There are currently more than 250,000 creative workers from the Internet, gaming and media industries. V2EX hopes to be part of the life and career of creative workers.

I hope everyone can share more interesting things, exchange ideas, find friends and even new opportunities here. And, the most important thing is to stay friendly to others in all of this.

In order to maintain a good atmosphere here, V2EX has its own clear rules:

• There is absolutely no discussion about how to get pirated software, music, movies, etc.

• There is absolutely no reprint of any article in this article, but only a link to share 1

• There will be no discussion about how to teach people how to make a hole

• And advocating beauty

• Respect for originality here

• There is no information habit on the Chinese Internet such as “top”, “sofa”, “front row”, “reservation name” ", passing", "unclear"

• It is forbidden to publish personal attacks, hatred, violence, insulting words, and “human flesh stickers” that expose the privacy of others

• Comply with Chinese laws

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