UBDI is a member-run community where you own your data and can securely and privately share anonymized, aggregated insights from your applications like Fitbit, Spotify, or credit cards in exchange for cash and UBDI points from paying market research companies.

1. Pre-qualify for studies with our PrivateMatch Technology so only see studies willing to pay you to participate

- Whether you are a runner, skier, or country music fan, companies don’t want to know about you personally, just groups of people like you.

- Your PrivateMatch criteria is kept on your device no neither UBDI nor UBDI partners know who you are!

2. Link your applications like Instagram or Pinterest and send companies the insights they need in seconds or enter data manually in a survey

- To keep your data safe, we allow you to integrate with digi.me, who doesn’t see, touch or hold your data, but encrypts and stores it in a private data vault that only you can access

- Every study will show the necessary data and/or survey questions you must answer, ensuring that you'll never be surprised

- Your data is analyzed directly on your device and aggregated with other members of our community to protect your privacy and anonymity.

It’s time we take back our data. Claim your Universal Basic Data Income, and let your data start working for you!

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