Tower of Saviors

By Mad Head Limited

Tower of SaviorsTower of SaviorsTower of SaviorsTower of SaviorsTower of Saviors

“Queen of Yamatai – Himiko” will come to the realm at 4pm, 7 Jun (Mon) to demonstrate her great energy. “Queen of Yamatai – Himiko” is a uncommon 7* character. During the event period of “Queen of Yamatai”, you may get “Himiko” by drawing cards in Black-Gold Seal.

During the event period, login for the 1st time to obtain a 10-draw chance! Ancient Coin Seal will be available till 13 Jun (Sun) too. Rare Characters of “Heroes of Dimension” might be added into Ancient Coin Seal this time, together with “Philyra, The Authors’ Muse”, “Angel of Distortion Azazel” and “Angel of Doom Lucifer”.

Tower of Saviors is completely free! Summoners could purchase Diamonds for drawing uncommon playing cards, restoring Stamina and increasing the Inventory limit, and so on.

Join us now to finish the struggle as quickly as and for all!

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