Tower Defense Heroes

By Iron Horse Games LLC

Tower Defense HeroesTower Defense HeroesTower Defense HeroesTower Defense HeroesTower Defense Heroes

In Tower Defense Heroes, uncover a world of heroes and monsters! Stop evil creatures from raiding harmless lands! Command a staff of heroes to defend the remaining stockpiles!

In this fantasy tower defense recreation, defeat monsters to earn resources, faucet to improve heroes. Create a team of heroes and place them in strategic positions to defend towards an infinite swarm of foes!

Your primary aim is tower protection; use your heroes to cease the monsters from reaching the treasure.

Tower Defense Heroes Features

Epic Tower Defense:

- Fend off an Orc Horde and Epic Bosses

- Daily missions to complete

Epic RPG

- Fantasy RPG-based world and heroes

- PvP Tournament hosted twice a week

Master Your Party in Tower Defense Heroes! Enjoy it online or offline!

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