The Heroic Legend of Eagarlnia

By Pixmain

The Heroic Legend of EagarlniaThe Heroic Legend of EagarlniaThe Heroic Legend of EagarlniaThe Heroic Legend of EagarlniaThe Heroic Legend of Eagarlnia

Lay out your grand strategy on the land of Eagarlnia where humans, elves, orcs, dwarves, and the undead every battle out a nook of land. Manage your territories by navigating complicated decisions and develop your economic system.

Gameplay Features

- Start the game with select your individual legion from numerous 19 forces, and greater than distinctive 300 heroes, and expertise their various personalities, powers, and destined missions.

- A mix of Japanese-style character sketches mixed with pixel-style battle graphics

- Grow and handle your land with excessive level of freedom

- Flexible and strategic navy operatives

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