The Chest: A Cursed Hero - Idle RPG

By Super Planet

The Chest: A Cursed Hero - Idle RPGThe Chest: A Cursed Hero - Idle RPGThe Chest: A Cursed Hero - Idle RPGThe Chest: A Cursed Hero - Idle RPGThe Chest: A Cursed Hero - Idle RPG

So, You Mean This Box is My Hero?

A hero who grew to become a chest with a witch's curse!

In the lonely journey of a chest seeking a witch to dispel the curse, the witch, Ellin, is with you as a companion!

Will the chest be succesful of become human again?

▣ Idle RPG with out management ▣

See the battle unfold with easy controls anytime, anywhere!

■ Enjoy straightforward and easy with computerized play, computerized hunting, and automatic farming!

■ Earn gold and items continuously even offline!

▣ Hyper Boost! Unstoppable Super-Power Growth▣

Help your own chest get stronger and watch it change!

■ Enhance your stats with explosively increasing gold and defeat a strong enemy in a single shot!

■ Become stronger by improving your stats due to legendary equipment and accessories!

■ Card collection that provides you particular skills by amassing playing cards that match a given mission!

▣World map: make monsters and dragons your allies ▣

Strategic play that turns the strongest enemy right into a companion! Build a powerful staff with capturing and taming!

■ Purify contaminated minerals in the huge world map and discover the world!

■ Catch powerful wild monsters by installing traps and tame them as companions!

■ Make the fearsome dragon your ally and have more power!

Any reason to attend any longer?

Join the adventure of the Chest with the lovable companion Ellin.

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