The Bible and Book of Mormon

By The Church of Jesus Christ

The Bible and Book of MormonThe Bible and Book of MormonThe Bible and Book of MormonThe Bible and Book of MormonThe Bible and Book of Mormon

The Church of Jesus Christ, headquartered in Monongahela, PA, presents the Bible and the Book of Mormon in a single mobile app. This is only app having the two scripture volumes together, thus fulfilling Ezekiel 37:17 where the Lord declares that he will take the stick (book) of Judah and the stick of Joseph and make them one in His hand. The Bible is the Stick of Judah and the Book of Mormon is the Stick of Joseph.

The Bible and Book of Mormon app, from The Church of Jesus Christ, treats the two volumes of scripture as one, and makes it easier than ever to read, study and share the Word of God. The Bible text is the Authorized King James Version from 1611 and The Book of Mormon text is carefully consistent with 1830 version.

Features of the app include:

• RED LETTER EDITION: Words of Jesus Christ in red letter

• Designed for Android phones and tablets

• Verse of the Day: each day a new verse is given and is easy to go to chapter, and share via Facebook, Twitter, text message and email

• Browse: browse through the scriptures by book and chapter; drop down menus make it easy to find any book and chapter easily

• Search: simple search to look for words or phrases; compound search allows search of any two words or phrase and returns the verse that contain both; search words are bolded in the results, sort traditional or alphabetical, filter on Old Testament, New Testament and Book of Mormon results

• Highlight: highlight your favorite verses, either individual or several together

• Bookmark: bookmark verses with descriptive titles to easily find what you’re looking for

• Notes: the perfect study tool, select verses and write detailed notes

• Reading Settings: select low light setting for nighttime reading, small medium and large fonts

• History: see your reading history and easily find previous places you’ve been

• Share: share the app with friends or share single or multiple verses through social media, text or email

The Bible and Book of Mormon app also includes resources to provide feedback and to learn more about The Church of Jesus Christ.

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