The Actors Lines

By The Actor's Life

Learning lines or memorizing lines is a lot quicker when you use this line runner app designed by actors. Your friends and family will be happy you can memorize lines quickly on your own.

Once your off book with fully memorized and learned lines, you can then speed up the pace to really test how fast you can rehearse the lines (run those Italians). We help memorize lines for rehearsals, auditions, film scripts, plays, classes, workshops, all your acting needs or even business pitches.

“This is the best line memorizing app I have used and I have tried them all.”

“So easy to start learning lines, right off the top.”

“The first audition I had using your line learning app, I booked… AND the second.”

“Memorizing my lines with this app changed my audition game.”

What can be done with this line learning app:

- Import pdf scripts from my email, Gdrive, Dropbox and smartphone

- I can record anything from one-line auditions to full-length scripts

- I can record my script while I read it from a pdf

- I can listen to only my lines one right after another, everyone’s lines or mute my lines and get only cues

- I can speed up the voice recordings

- I can export a script to send to a scene partner or acting coach

- I can loop one scene or play all scenes through and loop to the beginning

- I can add characters and cast names and avatars

- I can learn the basics with tutorial videos and detailed FAQ

- I can record unlimited scripts

- I can re-arrange lines within the scripts

- I can order scripts into folders and make new folders

Use The Actor's Lines on Android smartphone for best Line Running experience.

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