Tap Craft: Mine Survival Sim

By Iron Horse Games LLC

Tap Craft: Mine Survival SimTap Craft: Mine Survival SimTap Craft: Mine Survival SimTap Craft: Mine Survival SimTap Craft: Mine Survival Sim

Tap to craft and dig deep into Tap Craft: Mine Survival Idle Sim, the idle crafting recreation of 2021! Build a bustling idle town, dig up uncommon ore, increase to new islands and become a survival expert!

This is an idle crafting sport like you've by no means seen. Mine up rare metals, grow food to feed your thriving idle settlement, unlock new buildings, craft new objects, and expand to new islands in Tap Craft: Mine Survival Idle Sim!

Tap Craft: Mine Survival Idle Sim Features:

Become an Idle Survival Expert

- Dig Mine Rare Ore!

- Expand to new islands!

- Upgrade your idle settlement!

Craft Your Town

- Craft Tools to Dig Out a Civ!

- Idle and Watch Your Town Thrive!

- Use Tools to Construct Buildings to Craft Further!

Mine Rare Metals

- Dig into the earth to unearth treasures!

- Multiple kinds of ore to dig!

Retire Keep Idling

- A distinctive genre fusion - play as a lot or as little as you like!

- Harvest Resources or let your city do it for you!

Lovers of crafting and mining video games shall be hooked on this epic survival adventure. Enjoy Tap Craft: Mine Survival Sim, the idle mining recreation of 2021!

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