SURVPUNK - Epic war strategy in wasteland

By Black Bears

SURVPUNK - Epic war strategy in wastelandSURVPUNK - Epic war strategy in wastelandSURVPUNK - Epic war strategy in wastelandSURVPUNK - Epic war strategy in wastelandSURVPUNK - Epic war strategy in wasteland

Do you like technique games with ccg elements? In that recreation you're feeling yourself like real stalker, surviving in the harsh world of the apocalypse and battle with dangerous monsters and mutants.

SURVPUNK is a army technique with parts of a collectible card recreation in apocalyptic setting, where you have to assemble an epic army of survivors to defend the final stronghold of humanity from attacks by mutants and cultists.

The core gameplay is based on distinctive battles with enemies, every of which requires an individual strategy to deciding on a combating squad. Build your battle technique, and combine warriors from completely different factions and battle cards to inflict the heaviest damage on your enemies! Explore new areas and sweep the earth of mutants and adepts of the mysterious organization Cult.

SURVPUNK game is:

- A gripping post-apocalyptic world with a non-trivial plot. Explore huge lands and survive in the huge wasteland!

- A distinctive mixture of military and card strategy;

- Three allied battle factions with a wide range of units: Peacemakers, Nomads, and Solars. Each faction warrior has its own kind of harm and could be upgraded. Assemble your own military to battle again towards the toughest enemies!

- Interesting and thrilling battles with hostile factions and epic bosses. Build battle ways depending on the kind of enemies and use quite lots of strategies to win;

- Ability to play online and offline with out web.

Upgrade your personal military and conquer the infinite wasteland!

Do you like the game? We might be glad to receive good feedback!

If you've any questions in regards to the recreation, submit here:

- [email protected]

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