Super JoJo: Baby Care

By BabyBus

Super JoJo: Baby CareSuper JoJo: Baby CareSuper JoJo: Baby CareSuper JoJo: Baby CareSuper JoJo: Baby Care

Mom and pop have been working exhausting. Can you assist them deal with child JoJo? By doing so, you will learn how to care for others and be a responsible child!


Baby JoJo is up. Please come and play toys with him! Assemble the little round wheels and put the long carriage. Put collectively a prepare that JoJo loves!

Also, you can play blocks with JoJo! Put together the sq. and triangle blocks, and the little house is ready! JoJo additionally needs to construct a little windmill. Please come and help him!


It's time for lunch. Make JoJo the steamed egg custard! Crack an egg into the bowl and mix well. Steam it in the microwave and the steamed egg custard is ready to eat!

JoJo also wants to have the sweet fruit salad! Apples, bananas, and strawberries, reduce them all into small pieces. Then pour in some yummy milk, and JoJo's lunch is ready!


It's time for JoJo to take a bath! Tear off the magic tape and remove the diaper. Then placed on soap, rub gently, and wash JoJo clean!

It's 9 o'clock. Is JoJo still awake? Tuck him in and play a lullaby. JoJo will soon be asleep with this lullaby! Ssh...Baby JoJo is asleep.

You've taken such good care of him!


- Experience taking care of a child and develop your sense of responsibility.

- Steam eggs, make salad, and learn to prepare dinner wholesome meals.

- Play blocks and put collectively toy trains with JoJo.

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