Stick Warfare: Blood Strike

By Team Modernator Games

Stick Warfare: Blood StrikeStick Warfare: Blood StrikeStick Warfare: Blood StrikeStick Warfare: Blood StrikeStick Warfare: Blood Strike

Join the hot and fast-paced Stick Figure's gunfight!

Fight in opposition to evil enemy Stick military with numerous powerful weapons, and declare the victory!

Buy new weapons, upgrades, expertise, and stage up your perks to enhance your character!

Avoid enemy shoots by making a fast determination, and defeat all enemies to win the battle!

Recent Update:

● New Perks: Technician / Infiltrator

● New Game Modes: Armored Strike / Stronghold / Base Infiltration / Siege / Siege-Z / TRM

● Added Shooting Range

● Tier System / Privileged Skills

● Improved Gore System

● Added Spawn Speed

● sixty one New Weapons!

● 2 New Weapon Gadgets

● 14 New Character Gadgets

● New Grenade: Anti-Tank Mine

● 12 New Skills: Armorer / Berserker / Medicine

● Added Weapon Stopping Power

● More Language Supports: German / Portuguese / Spanish

Game Content:

● Easy Control: Just move and shoot left and right!

● Unique and powerful Perks: The Gunslinger, specialized in Pistols and Revolvers, with fast reloading speed with excessive harm capability, The Juggernaut, endure enemy attacks with high bodily power and protection skills, The Rifleman, specialised in Assault Rifles, a superb all-rounder weapon, The Shotgunner, highly effective at shut vary combats, And the Assault Recon, specialised in avoiding enemy attacks and battle with SMG. The Machine Gunner specialised in combating with LMG, and the Specialist, the perk with various fight bonuses. The Demolition, a strong perk specialized utilizing Explosive Weapons that can quickly destroy obstacles and automobiles, the Marksman, specialized in preventing with DMR, quickly neutralizes multiple long-ranged targets, the Combat. Sniper, super-powerful long-ranged combat! And the Pyromaniac, nice damage dealer with deadly flame weapons!

● Over 200 Unique Weapons: Automatic Pistols, Machine Pistols, Submachinegun, Assault Rifle, DMR, Light-machinegun, Shotguns, and now Grenade/Rocket Launchers! Now meet the Heavy Weapons: The Gatling Death Machine and 50 Caliber Machine Guns!

● More than 36 unique and useful skills: Physical skills that make your character more very important, Combat skills that improve your combat capabilities, Defense abilities that enhance your ability to outlive longer, Luck expertise that provide varied presents, and Avoidance skills that scale back damage by avoiding enemy attacks!

● Is your character boring with no personality? Decorate your self with quite a lot of hats and back cosmetics!

● Various Game Modes: Bodycount, Gun Game, Onslaught, Zombie Invasion, and more...!

● Multiplayer Support: Do you could have problem with taking part in alone? Try the multiplayer, the max 4 gamers are supported!

● Global Leaderboard: Challenge your rating with individuals within the world!

● Continuous Updates: New Weapons and Perks, Skills, and Game Modes!

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