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Step Counter - Pedometer FreeStep Counter - Pedometer FreeStep Counter - Pedometer Free

The best pedometer step counter of 2020 simple and easy to use that uses the integrated sensor and GPS tracking to count steps, but with a battery saving meaning compared to other pedometers. It also shows calories burned throughout the day, distance traveled in miles and time of physical activity, hourly speed, etc.

All data are shown through clear graphs that show the information of the whole week and the current month, with the possibility of setting the goal of the daily steps to be reached in order to increase motivation.

Free step tracker

All pedometer functions are 100% FREE. You don't have to pay anything.

Battery saving

This English pedometer step counter uses the built-in sensor to count steps precisely, combining data with GPS location, but battery consumption is low.

Simple to use pedometer

Just open the pedometer app for the first time and from that moment it starts counting the steps automatically, every day 24 hours a day, without even having to open it or start it, then even in the background or when the screen is off, in so that it works either by holding the phone in your hand, bag, pocket or armband.

Reach your goals

By setting a personalized step goal the pedometer helps keep you motivated and achieve your goals to stay fit and lose weight.

No need to start or pause

The pedometer and calorie counter works automatically by recording all your steps even when the screen is off or when the application is closed. So there is no need to pause or restart the pedometer, just reopen the app to see all the data recorded daily.

Modern interface

This free pedometer is designed by our team of graphic designers and has clear and simple to use graphics, characterized by a dark design to improve data reading and minimize battery consumption.


Graphs to show innovative and easy-to-use statistics to monitor the data of your steps of the week and month, as well as the distance traveled and calories burned.

Easy to use steps app

This free and simple pedometer synchronizes via the Google Fit account and your Google profile, so there is no need to enter data to ensure the accuracy of the step counter and to calculate the distance traveled and calories.

Pedometer free app for android

The pedometer works as a pedometer for Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, and on any other Android phone and tablet.

Free pedometer and calories in real time

The pedometer allows you to count your daily steps and calories burned in real time, in fact, the counted steps are updated live as you walk.

Pedometer and miles counter

Are you looking for a pedometer and miles or km to track your steps and walking distance? This pedometer and miles or kilometers is the best choice and also allows you to know the speed in miles or km per hour.

Install the pedometer for free now and start accurately tracking your steps and calories burned and walking to lose weight and improve health.

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