Stella Voyager


Stella VoyagerStella VoyagerStella VoyagerStella VoyagerStella Voyager

Stellar Voyager is a sport that explores house and collects cash by way of battles and commerce.


Explore an unlimited universe and discover new planets.

There are many planets within the universe.

There could also be one thing we've not discovered but.


There are outlaws all around the universe aiming at you.

If you defeat them, you'll find a way to earn rewards.

●Upgrade Ship

You can upgrade your own ship on the planet

Buying and equip the equipments on your purposes, corresponding to fight, trade, and exploration, will make the game easier.


In the planet's market, trading is possible.

Depending on the level of know-how in every planet, the availability and price of the merchandise will differ.

By understanding the characteristics of every planet and judging which planet to buy and sell, you can create super trading earnings.

Pioneer your own trade route.

●Develop Planet

Constructing various services on the planet can earn common returns.

Depending on the sort of amenities built, the level of expertise in the area is rising and accordingly the prices of products associated to the sector are fluctuating.

You can increase earnings by building a facility that's favorable to commerce.

Universe sheriffs to fight outlaws.

Inter planet commerce commerce king.

Investments that contribute to the development of the planet.

The choice is yours.

Good luck.


- Open World consisting of greater than one hundred twenty planets

- Ship Upgrade with more than 100 devices

- Real-time changing economic system

- Free sandbox game progression

- High-quality visuals including Detailed 3D models and breath-taking Special FX

- Magnificent orchestral soundtrack

- Google Play Game Service Achievement, Leaderboard Support

- Support Game Controller

How to make use of Game Controller

Move : Left Stick

Fire : Right Stick

Open Map : Y or △

Autocruise : LB or L1

Overdrive : RB or R1


- If you delete the application. save information might be deleted also.

- Application could not run on certain units even if they have appropriate OS versions put in.

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This is free trial model of Stella Voyager.You can play until the total movement distance reaches a certain value.Please notice that the game stability and some specifications are completely different from the total model, and save knowledge will be not carried over to full model...