Snakebird Primer

By Noumenon Games

Snakebird PrimerSnakebird PrimerSnakebird PrimerSnakebird PrimerSnakebird Primer

The snakebirds are again, this time yellowbird joins the group on a extra relaxed island with simpler puzzles. A puzzle sport for the entire family as well as a primer for the intense challenges of the original sport.

Featuring all new puzzles on a a lot bigger island, new locations to discover, extra bird, more fruit, more everything. - Game of the week

I all the time felt like the unique Snakebird was a criminally missed puzzler by too many people, and with Snakebird Primer and its much more manageable problem curve now an entire new audience of all ages and gaming proficiencies can experience what a beautiful treat that is, and that appears very Game of the Week-worthy to me.

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