SketchCut Lite - Fast Cutting

By TaLi Software

SketchCut Lite - Fast CuttingSketchCut Lite - Fast CuttingSketchCut Lite - Fast CuttingSketchCut Lite - Fast CuttingSketchCut Lite - Fast Cutting

The app is designed with the features of cutting sheet materials (plywood, chipboard, MDF, glass, plastics, wood panels, etc.)

Lite version SketchCut. With advertising.

The following functions are available in the application:

- choice and change of cutting parameters (sheet size, blade width, offset from the edge of the sheet, etc.);

- edge banding (two kinds of tapes);

- order information (order, material, order date, availability date);

- automatic cutting of sheets in accordance with the selected parameters;

- two different algorithms for calculating and optimizing layouts - to select the best option of cutting;

- automatic calculation of the area of parts and pieces, cut length, the length of the edges;

- display of the results in the .PDF file for printing;

- storing a list of parts and the cutting parameters on your Android device;

- metric system and Imperial units, with a simple conversion;

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