Treasure Chest

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Treasure ChestTreasure ChestTreasure ChestTreasure ChestTreasure Chest

SkatZettel is not a skat game. However, it is the ideal companion for your Skatrunde and takes you from the arithmetic and writing down. Just create a new round with any number of (!) Teammates - so you can realize even larger rounds. Then you just have to tap the appropriate player and set the properties of the game just completed.

SkatZettel supports the 4 common counting methods (pluses, minus points, Seeger-Fabian and beer salmon 301 and 501) and calculates the additional money distribution for a freely definable use.

The points are displayed both in a clear list and in a table (similar to the official skat list), which can even be exported as an image file. The individual games are also displayed in another list in Skat's usual language.

SkatZettel has been developed and tested by people who regularly play skate games themselves. Therefore, many features have been implemented to make your life easier. Information about the last game (who has won / lost?) And the next game (who is who is playing?) Is displayed on each screen. Games can be skipped at any time (ie fitted) or the dealer can be chosen freely - this can also be used to display a Grand Hand in junk rounds. For larger rounds, individual players may be temporarily disabled and thus ignored for the next games.

At the beginning of each new round, you will be asked if the round should be automatically saved. If you answer this with "Yes", the round will be saved after each action - so you will not lose any data. Since the individual rounds are stored on your (internal or external) SD card, you can also transfer them to any other device.

You can assign an image to the individual players in the point list and in the Game list next to his actions. You can take this picture or select it from your gallery. This will help you to see which data belongs to which player faster.

The skate block for your smartphone!

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