Sight Words Sentence Builder: Reading for Kids

By Sierra Vista Software

Sight Words Sentence Builder: Reading for KidsSight Words Sentence Builder: Reading for KidsSight Words Sentence Builder: Reading for KidsSight Words Sentence Builder: Reading for KidsSight Words Sentence Builder: Reading for Kids

Did you realize that computerized recognition of Sight Words is an important a half of practical literacy? This enjoyable sport covers all levels of Dolch Sight Words and lets students apply them in context.

The game is fun and easy. Using grade appropriate Sight Words, children assemble brief sentences from given words. The participant receives visual and auditory feedback indicating whether or not the response is correct. Once the student answers correctly, the exercise strikes to the next sentence.

- Top-rated Sight Words game

- More than a hundred instance sentences

- Teaches all 220 Dolch Sight Words in context

- Fun and colorful graphics

- Visual and auditory feedback

- Three visible themes

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