Short Cases in Surgery

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Short Cases in SurgeryShort Cases in SurgeryShort Cases in SurgeryShort Cases in SurgeryShort Cases in Surgery

This application is intended to provide a concise yet comprehensive study guide to short cases in surgery for medical undergraduates. It covers most of the surgical short cases commonly you would encounter in the final MBBS examination.


» A Methodical Approach to Examination

» Sample Presentations

» Relevant Questions Their Answers

» A High-Quality Picture Gallery

» Quick Review Flashcards

» Skill Training Mode

» Bookmark Interesting Cases

» User-friendly Interface

» Smooth Navigation with a Single Swipe

The distinctive feature of this application is that it offers a stepwise sequence of examination which appears to be lacking in most study materials. It also provides a sample presentation, probable questions you might be asked as well as their answers, an intriguing picture gallery, and a flashcard for each of the cases.

Nevertheless nothing is a substitute for clinical practice.

The acquisition of correct examination techniques and confidence takes time as well as experience. But this application will be a handy tool to help you in confidently mastering your clinical skills with less confusion, especially in a busy clinical setting.

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