Is It Wrong to Try to Strike a Bonanza by a Shoot 'em up game?

Retro JRPG style Bullet hell Shoot'em up sport ShooMachi


Once upon a time there was a lazy brave.

The brave seems to be bothered all the time.

One day, many monsters appeared.

The courageous attacked the monsters in a crisis.

What's happened? When I attacked monsters, money comes out!?

The courageous attacked the monsters, as if it had been possessed.

Now, you can strike a bonanza!


- Touch and slide for transferring character.

- Character attacks when you touch the display screen.

- Power gauge will grow up when you killed monsters.

- Double faucet shortly or two finger tap for power up when power gauge is full.

- After power up, character shall be invincible while blinking.

- In straightforward mode, power up might be activated automatically just before receive injury.

- XP potions what increase xp bonus whenever you clear stage, shall be given by watching AdMovie. (Max 5)

- If you treat developer to a meal, Ads shall be removed and infinite XP potions shall be given in return.


- If you delete the application. save data will be deleted additionally.

- Application might not run on sure gadgets even if they have appropriate OS variations put in.

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