Seven Knights 2

By Netmarble

Seven Knights 2Seven Knights 2Seven Knights 2Seven Knights 2Seven Knights 2

Seven Knights 2 pre-registration now open!

Pre-register available on the market now to get limited-edition equipment and 100,000 Gold!

And pre-register on the official web site to get a limited-edition Greater Pet and 50,000 Gold!

◈ Game Introduction

▶The official sequel to Seven Knights, a game loved by 60 million gamers worldwide!

Rudy's story continues in Seven Knights 2!

▶Recruit your favorite heroes.

All the original's unique heroes in one place,

as properly as new heroes first appearing in Seven Knights 2!

Collect them all and construct the strongest team!

▶Enjoy collecting, powering up, and preventing along with your heroes!

Enjoy amassing and enhancing heroes

and control up to eight heroes in combat!

Two genres collectively for twice the fun!

▶Strategize and unleash breathtaking skill animations!

The unique Seven Knights' stunning ability results, reimagined!

Defeat bosses with powerful one-shot ultimate and suppressor skills!

Experience all-new battles!

▶Return to the world of Seven Knights and continue the story.

Return to the universe 20 years after the original story

Enjoy gorgeous cinematic animations that transcend mobile devices!

Discover an epic new blockbuster story!

- Minimum Requirements: AOS 7 or Later, 3GB of RAM

- Recommended Requirements: AOS 8 or Later, 4GB of RAM

- Homepage:

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