Scythe: Digital Edition

By Asmodee Digital

Scythe: Digital EditionScythe: Digital EditionScythe: Digital EditionScythe: Digital EditionScythe: Digital Edition

In an alternate reality in Twenties Europa, it has been several years for the reason that Great War, however the ashes of the battle are still hot and the struggle is coming into a brand new part. The first conflict noticed the emergence of some unbelievable engines of warfare known as Mechs. Built by The Factory, an impartial city-state which has since turn into the object of everybody's desire, these technological monstrosities roam the snowy landscapes of Europa. Be the hero of one of the 5 factions – Saxony Empire, Crimean Khanate, Rusviet Union, Polania Republic or Nordic Kingdom – and turn into the richest and most powerful nation in all of Europa throughout these dark times! To assure the victory of your individuals, you will want to discover and conquer new territories, enlist new recruits and deploy your forces by building formidable and terrifying fight Mechs. Replay history in a fictional previous full of mechanical engines and technology, the place every alternative you make will be important. Choose your battles with care, as a end result of in Scythe, victory is achieved with and for the people!


Asymmetry: each participant starts the game with completely different resources (energy, cash, eager combat sense, popularity…), a unique beginning location and a secret objective. The beginning positions are particularly set to contribute to the individuality of every faction and the asymmetrical nature of the game.

Strategy: Scythe presents gamers nearly full management over their fate. The only components of chance apart from each player's particular person secrete objective card are the Encounter playing cards, which gamers draw to interact with the citizens of newly explored lands. Combat is also dealt with by the use of choice; no luck or chance is concerned.

Engine Building: Players can improve their construction abilities to become more efficient, build structures that enhance their place on the map, enlist new recruits into their faction, activate mechs to dissuade opponents from invading and expand their borders to reap larger types and quantities of sources. This aspect creates a sense of vitality and progression over the course of the whole recreation. The order by which players get to develop their economy and applied sciences adds to the unique feel of every game, even when enjoying as the same faction a number of times.


Official adaptation of the award-winning board game

4X technique sport (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate)

Customize the mat to sharpen your strategy

Choose a specialty for unique games: Agriculturalist, Industrialist, Engineer, Patriot or Mechanic.

Fight alone against an AI, face your folks in Pass and Play or face opponents from all around the world in Online Mode

Check out creative genius Jakub Rozalski's retro-futuristic illustrations!

Discover new challenges with the Invaders from Afar expansion!

While empires rise and fall in Eastern Europa, the remainder of the world takes notice, and covets the secrets and techniques of the Factory. Two distant factions, Albion and Togawa, send out their emissaries to scout the land and plan their finest technique for conquest. They will all lead their mechs to struggle, but who will come out victorious?


- Play as one of many two new redoubtable factions, Clan Albion and The Togawa Shogunate, and use their mechs with their unique abilities

- Two new player mats: Militant and Innovative

- Now as a lot as 7 players!

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