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Scrum poker online - ScrumveeScrum poker online - ScrumveeScrum poker online - ScrumveeScrum poker online - ScrumveeScrum poker online - Scrumvee

Scrumvee offers a new, improved way of estimating stories by coupling an easy to use app with a slick web interface, allowing you to see how each user estimates, compare them, see which tasks were badly estimated, check which team performs better, and get the team members competing to give the best estimations. It's scrum poker, upgraded.


- Better estimations. Each developer selects the Scrum estimation from its own smartphone, without interfering and potentially affecting other team members. As a side bonus, our app even allows remote team members to join the Scrum planning process. Have a more accurate scrum poker.

- Scrumvee's law: No more boring Scrum plannings! The Leaderboard drives team members to give accurate estimations, earning points each time their estimation is selected. Keeping the team focused during these long meetings is paramount!

- The Confidence Level metric will guide you in reaching team consensus through issue debates and a proper definition of the work to be done

- Easily spot poorly defined stories or team members which are constantly over or under estimating. Check your average round complexity, your commitment, your estimation consistency. See how it went. Whenever it went. Get information from your scrum poker sessions .

Scrumvee. Know your estimations

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