Scientific Calculator Pro

By RealMax LK

Scientific Calculator ProScientific Calculator ProScientific Calculator ProScientific Calculator ProScientific Calculator Pro

This is a person pleasant scientific calculator for your mathematical tasks.

This has following features

* All Basic Mathematical Operations

* Trigonometric operations

* Hyperbolic operations

* Logarithmic operations

* Complex quantity operations

* Matrix Operations

* 10 variables

* HEX,DEC,OCT,BIN operations

* Fractions Support

* Degree,Minute,Second Calculations

* Degrees, Radian, Gradian Support

* Solving Linear equations

* Solving Polynomial equations

* Plot Graphs

* Common unit conversions

* Predefined Scientific Constants

* Samsung Multi Window Support

Please report any enhancements required in future releases to [email protected]

-- FAQ --

Is this Calculator Capable of working fractions. Yes. This can be used as fraction calculator. Use ‘ab/c’ button to enter fractions and see assist for more information.

How HEX,BIN.DEC,OCT quantity entered ?. Change Calculator mode to Base with Mode button.

Can this be used as a Graph Calculator? Yes. see assist for extra information.

How to see calculation history? Use up and down arrow keys to browse calculator historical past.

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