By Proceq SA


Original Schmidt Live is the latest and most versatile R-value rebound hammer from the inventors of the Schmidt hammer.

The hammer can be used as a stand-alone analog hammer, a stand-alone digital hammer and in combination with a Bluetooth printer. The full power of the hammer is unlocked when used in combination with the Schmidt app.

It provides an automated calculation of the rebound number according to all major standards (EN 12504-2, ASTM C805, JGJ T-23, JSCE G504, JIS A1155). Custom curves created for specific mixes can be entered. Track the verification of your hammer in line with the requirements of standards. Data can also be collected on site with the hammer alone and then downloaded to the Schmidt app back at the office.

Use the logbook functionality to capture information on site for use in your reports. Generate PDF reports for rebound series or an entire test region with just two clicks, and make use of Proceq's Live platform for backing up, accessing and sharing your measurement data with colleagues directly from the inspection site.

For safety and liability information, please download at

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