RPG Symphony of Eternity


RPG Symphony of EternityRPG Symphony of EternityRPG Symphony of EternityRPG Symphony of EternityRPG Symphony of Eternity

A prime quality fantasy RPG full of monsters, legendary weapons and dramas!

This story mainly consists of two issue: One is the quest for a legendary weapon Regratlute which makes its bearer's needs come true.

The hero Kreist is the cool man who're willing to get the weapon and take the pleased golden years, rescuing his involved people with the power of Regratlute. His good friend Dauturu is the hot-hearted ancient golem who agrees Kreist's dream.

Another issue is the coup d'etat of Eashtend kingdom. Honesty and kind king, queen, girls and gents within the royal family are completely killed by the traitor, woman Safario with the dark want to conquer whole the world.

This two storyline turns into into one stream when Laishutia who says she is the escaped princess of Eashtend royal family encounters Kreist and Dauturu. To get back the Eashtend from traiter's clutch, they resolve to be a celebration to seek Regratlute and defeat the traitors.

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- Japanese, English, Italian

Supported OS

- 5.0 and up


This app has generally been tested to work on any cell device released in Japan. We can't guarantee help on other devices.


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