Roguelike: Curse Of Yendor


Roguelike: Curse Of YendorRoguelike: Curse Of YendorRoguelike: Curse Of YendorRoguelike: Curse Of YendorRoguelike: Curse Of Yendor

A sword and sorcery adventure the place your magic shapes the world. A Classical rogue-like with a contemporary really feel. A challenging sport with clear targets and important tactical selections. A deep expertise that's simple to use.

Choose your character and begin your quest in this action-packed rogue-like dungeon adventure stuffed with powerful spells, harmful creatures, and wonderful artifacts.


- Procedural era of all levels, monsters, and objects : by no means the same recreation twice!

- Freeze, burn, and quake the world with your magic

- Terrain deformation as a major mechanic: alter your surroundings!

- Complete mini-quests on every floor to improve your character

- Classical roguelike with fashionable gameplay

- 4 Difficulty modes, with optional Perma-Death

- Unlockable Infinite Play Mode

Play *FREE* till dungeon degree 6,

Then Pay Once and Play Forever.

(Or find the new artifact that lets free-to-play gamers keep going!)

Also out there on Steam for PC

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