Rise of Stars

By Wemade Max Co., Ltd.

Rise of StarsRise of StarsRise of StarsRise of StarsRise of Stars

Admiral! Go and pre-register now!

The complete galaxy is waiting your arrival.

- Brand Page: https://www.riseofstars.io/

Fight in the endless struggle for resource in the vast universe.

Explore the galaxy to find resource-rich planets, defeat enemies stationed in, mine planets, increase your power and conquer the galaxy.

Become the greatest conqueror of the universe proper now.

◈ Game options ◈

■ Become an excellent admiral!

Admirals symbolize you and other players. Give them various gear and upgrade their skills to make them powerful and epic!

■ Explore the mysterious Space with your individual hands!

Build a Base in an unexplored Space out of the Earth. Various facilities such as Command center, Radar middle, Workshop, drones, and delightful background of the vast Space are waiting for you.

■ Build a powerful Warship!

40 practical warships beneath your command to conquer the battlefield. There are 4 forms of warships: destroyer, freighter, corvette, and frigate. Each kind could be upgraded as a lot as tier 10. Build a strong warship.

■ Deploy your fleet with an distinctive Captains!

A warship pilot, undercover spy, genius hacker, safety robotic, and different unique captains are waiting for your command. Experience numerous captains with distinctive background stories, full voice over, distinctive capacity, and skills.

■ Enter a Galactic War!

Rule the server via guild war. Conquer a planet that will give a powerful buff and take over the congress. Grow with your guild members and be part of the real-time Galactic War.

Launch your armada in the Rise of Stars!

▶ Official Channel

Check out the assorted events and growth details at the official channel.

- Brand Page: https://www.riseofstars.io/

- Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RiseofStarsGame

- Official Discord: https://discord.gg/ros

- Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/ROS_riseofstars

▶ Privacy Policy: https://docs.lightcon.net/policy/bc_en.html#tab3

▶ Recommended requirements: Android 8 or later. 3GB of RAM or extra.

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