Remember Allah -Auto reminders

By H&M Solutions

Remember Allah -Auto remindersRemember Allah -Auto remindersRemember Allah -Auto remindersRemember Allah -Auto remindersRemember Allah -Auto reminders

The purpose of this app is to remind you to remember Allah by automatically reminding you throughout the day to say athkar like subhan Allah, Alhamdulillah, Allah Akbar, and LA Illah Illa Allah.

The app also reminds you of morning and evening thikr as well as to read surat alkahf on Fridays and Surat Almulk on nights. It also can sound the Athan When it is prayer time.

ِApp contains entire Quran, and athkar collection of Hisnul Muslim (Thanks to khalid-hussain for sharing his app in github and Quran Android project for sharing Quran app in github as well).

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